Let’s face it, there are plenty of very ordinary football games out there. The kind where you arrive, you catch the game, and ninety minutes later you clap and go home.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes you want a little bit more. 

Sometimes you want a game that has people talking for months in advance and brings an entire city to a standstill. 

Europe has plenty of great derbies that meet this criteria. Here are nine of our favourites.

Genoa's Derby Della Lanterna


If you seek a picture-perfect Italian city, Genoa probably isn’t for you. But if you want authentic vibes and a real belter of a derby, you’re in exactly the right place.

The Derby Della Lanterna is named after Genoa’s iconic lighthouse and pitches Genoa CFC against Sampdoria. 

These two famous clubs are the lifeblood of their city. And when they meet, it gets loud. Seriously loud.

The Lanterna is a hot-blooded derby in a corking English-style stadium. You’ll absolutely love it!

The Berlin Stadtderby

Union Berlin’s promotion to the Bundesliga gave Germany’s capital what it lacked for so long – a top class city derby.

The first derby against Hertha definitely delivered the atmosphere we hoped for. And although the return game was behind closed doors, anticipation levels for next season’s clashes are already building.

A wonderful city now has a brilliant derby, too. You love to see it.

Derbi Sevillano


Sevilla is one of Europe’s finest city break destinations. And the home of flamenco is also home to a belting city derby.

Sevilla FC have enjoyed huge success in Europe recently. But they face a serious battle for home bragging rights. 

Sevilla and their arch-rivals Real Betis co-exist quite peacefully, but on derby day this all goes out the window.

Join us in beautiful Seville and watch the madness unfurl!

The Battle Of Stockholm

Sweden might not be everyone’s first choice of football destination. But it should be right up there!

Scandinavia’s football scene keeps getting better and better. With a vibrant fan culture, crazy tifos, and derby atmospheres up there with Europe’s best.

Hammarby-AIK sees Stockholm’s two biggest clubs go head to head. Making it a great time to see Sweden’s fan culture at its best.

Derby Rhone-Alpes


Everyone loves the French way of life. But French football? It’s an acquired taste.

Look a little deeper though, and you’ll find some great derbies. And Lyon-St Etienne is right up there with the best.

Saint-Étienne has a working class reputation and Lyon an elitist one. But both cities are equally football mad.

These clubs have a knack for producing quality players. So the derby is usually a good watch, as well as being very loud!

Derby de Lisboa


Lisbon is a beautiful city that breathes football.

It’s the topic of conversation everywhere you go – and the discussions largely centre around the city’s two huge clubs.

Benfica have millions of fans around the country and Sporting call on massive support too. 

These clubs have grand histories, brilliant stadiums, and passionate fans to match. Which make derby days in Lisbon a real sight to behold.

Krakow's Holy War


Next up we have the ‘Holy War’. Which when it comes to football can only mean one thing: the crazy Krakow derby.

The Holy War takes place between Wisla Krakow and Cracovia. Just like in Liverpool, it’s a game contested by two sides separated by a park. But unlike on Merseyside, wearing the wrong colours in the park would be a terrible idea!

Now for the good news – if you inform yourself of the do’s and don’ts, you can enjoy a football experience like no other. And if you want to experience it in the best (and safest) way possible, just come with us!

Europe's Craziest Match Day: The Eternal Derby


When it comes to crazy derby days, nothing in Europe matches Belgrade’s Eternal Derby.

Over 75% of Serbia support either Red Star or Partizan Belgrade. So when these two meet, the whole country stops.

The match day scenes here are truly incredible. And you can expect to see fireworks, flares, and a police operation like no other!

If you want to experience Europe’s most intense city derby, it simply has to be Belgrade!

The Prague Derby


Prague is more famous for fine architecture and great beer than football. But Czechia’s capital has a lot to offer visiting fans.

The main city derby between Slavia and Sparta Prague is the number one attraction. And the rivalry has been revitalised by Slavia’s upturn in form.

Great beer, good football, and a lovely city. Prague definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

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