You may remember late 2017, when Homefans became a part community-owned after inviting our friends, network, and travellers to join professional investors to invest in us via a Crowdfunding round on Crowdcube.

Back then, we smashed our initial target and overfunded, which allowed us to kick start our dream and vision, to make it a reality. And what a rollercoaster it has been so far. Over the next 24 months since that investment, momentum has continued to accelerate, and we turned Homefans into a to-go online booking platform with travellers from over 42+ countries joining us for football bucket list experiences. Now it’s time for round 2.

We’re aiming to grow market leadership in football travel first, but we’ve got a global opportunity ahead of us. We want to offer everyone who loves our business the opportunity to share our future success.

We aim to raise a minimum of £200,000 at a pre-money valuation of £1,789,500.






We’re the global go-to platform for football bucket-list-experiences in a £470 billion market (Global Sports Travel).


We have grown our gross revenue by over +380% since 2017 to £660k, with revenue more than doubling every year. We have an ambitious growth plan that will deliver ROI for our investors.


We’ve helped well over 2500 travelers from 40+ countries to tick off their bucket list since 2017 and maintaining our ‘Excellent’ score on Trustpilot with an average trip rating of 4.9/5 so far this year.



What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows us to receive investment from our customers, network and friends as well as institutional investors via a dedicated online portal.

Our crowdfunding campaign is part of a larger funding round and gives our customers and community the opportunity to invest on the same terms as institutional investors and share in our future success.

Homefans will be listed on Crowdcube. By investing in us you will own shares in our business. Capital at Risk.

Do I get shares in the company?

Yes, every investor will receive shares in Homefans Ltd. The number of shares you receive will be proportionate to the amount that you invest.

The final number of shares issued will be dependent upon the final number of investors and amount of money raised.

What will you do with the money?

Firstly, we will strengthen our team and increase the marketing spend to accelerate growth.

We have focused on further enhancing our football experiences for global travellers. We will accelerate our plans and work hard on welcoming more travelers around the world on our small group trips and match day experiences to grow our platform.

When will the payment for my investment be taken?

Initially, your investment in our campaign will be recorded as a pledge, meaning no money leaves your bank account at this stage. Following the successful completion of the campaign, Crowdcube will contact you to confirm the date that the money will be deducted from your bank account.

You will be given a minimum of seven days’ notice before money is taken from your account. This allows you to make funds available or gives you a final opportunity to opt-out of the investment

What rewards are available for me as an investor?

Yes, as well as shares in our company, investors may also be entitled to a selection of rewards as an additional perk for investing.

  • Any investor who pledges between £500 – £999 before the public round will receive a lifetime discount of 3% for any future trips with Homefans.
  • Any investor who pledges between £1000 – £2000 before the public will receive a lifetime discount of 7% for any future trips with Homefans.
  • Any investor who pledges £2000+ before the public campaign will receive a lifetime discount of 10% for any future trips with Homefans.
How will I make a return on my investment?

This is a long term investment in a fast growing company. We anticipate that the value of your investment will increase over time, giving you capital growth. The main way that can you can make money from your investment is by selling your shares for more than you paid for it. We are a private limited company, and our shares are therefore not publicly traded at present.

 In the event of a future sale of the company, you would be able to sell your shares at that stage to the acquiring company. Alternatively, if the business grows to a point where the company management/further institutional investors offer to buy back, you are also likely to be able to sell your shares.

How did you arrive on your valuation?

Our pre-money valuation is £1,789,500. It was considered based on the previous investments company growth and investors who are also investing in this round.

We feel it represents a fair valuation for a company of our size, turnover and future potential.

What happens if you raise more than your target?

If we are fortunate to raise more than our target then we will be able to use this investment to grow the company even more quickly than we currently plan to.

If we raise investment above the target level, this simply means that we will have more shareholders and be selling a larger % of our company. It will not mean that the initial crowdfunding investors are affected in any way.

Do you have a business plan or pitch deck?

Yes, we have. Our business plan and pitch deck is available on request.

If you are interested in learning more about Homefans, feel free to reach out to us via

What are the EIS Tax Relief Benefits for UK based Investors?

Homefans is EIS ELIGIBLE. EIS is a tax relief scheme created by the UK Government to encourage investment into startups and early-stage businesses.

As an investor, EIS benefits you by offering potentially significant income tax and capital gains reliefs when you make an investment into an EIS eligible startup or business.

You can claim back up to 30% of the value of your investment in the form of income tax relief. Therefore if you make an investment of £10,000 you can save £3,000 in income tax.

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Risk Warning & Important Information

Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, liquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Please invest aware.

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