Stockholm: How a cold city heats up

Visiting Stockholm, the most populous city in the Nordic countries, is definitely worth your while. This Scandinavian powerhouse has been relevant in a cultural sense for many centuries running, with evidence to be found in museums dedicated to the Vikings, ABBA and Nobel. On top of that, there is Skansen, a sconce on which the Swedes built an open air museum doubling up as a zoo. The one issue with Stockholm: it can be very, very cold.

Fortunately, the Swedes know. The Allsvenskan is scheduled different from other European leagues, starting at the beginning of April and heading for an extended winter break as soon as the calendar turns to November. This reduces the risk of frozen pitches, but chances are it still will not be very warm for your visit. Fear not: if you go to Hammarby, AIK and Djungardens the fanatical support of both teams will make for a heated atmosphere. Forget the notion of the Swedes being reserved introverts. Not at the football, at least.

The Experience

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Local Guides

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Hammarby IF v AIK (18 – 20 April, 2020)

Experience the Stockholm derby between Hammarby v AIK in April together with locals and a small group of like-minded fans.

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Hammarby IF v Djurgärden (2020/2021 – TBC)

Experience the Stockholm derby between Hammarby v Djurgärden in October 2020 together with locals and a small group of like-minded fans.