Rome, eternal city and football hotbed

It would be hard not to be in Rome, a city as old as our very civilisation, steeped in history deeper than anywhere else. Just walk off and you are guaranteed to see something interesting. Museums packed to the rafters with historic art, buildings from the Roman Empire age, the headquarters of the Catholic Church: this city truly has it all. And once you’re tired, just take a seat on or around Piazza Navona to enjoy some of the most heralded cuisine on earth.

And then: the football, calcio, if you like. In the Italian capital, only one place could be considered the heartbeat of the beautiful game: the Stadio Olimpico. The Derby della Capitale between Lazio, named after the province around Rome, and Roma, is one of the fiercest in world football. Roma fans will forever taunt Lazio for supposedly being a ‘provincial team’, thus calling their fans ‘farmers’. The Laziale, in return, have the triumph in the 2013 Coppa Italia final to boast about. Fireworks guaranteed here!

The Experience

Not only do we spend countless hours planning the best experiences, but we also try to curate groups of similar travelers to give everyone the best football experience possible. We provide match tickets, transport, accommodation, local guides and more… Therefore we make sure it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

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During your stay in Rome, you’ll discover the traditional Italian football culture across the city with a local Romanista. Eat the finest pizza, see the best parts of the city and experience football at its best in Rome.

Local Guides

Experiencing football isn’t complete without the inside angle on the destinations you’re visiting, for the best tips on history, experiences, cafes, bars… you name it! Our network of local guides will lift the lid on the inside track on the destinations we visit. The takeaway? You’ll experience football like never before.

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