Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city is a friendly place all round. Home of the biggest clubs in Scotland: Celtic & Rangers FC. Start visiting Glasgow on George Square, where a statue of the Duke of Wellington is rarely seen without a traffic cone on its head. Enjoy some of the beautiful murals spicing up the city, before dining on a selection of deep-fried products ranging from pizzas to Mars bars and retreating into one of the establishments Glasgow is really about; the pubs & football.

If you spend ten minutes in a pub without hearing any football talk, you probably are in the wrong pub. Whatever Celtic and Rangers get up to is covered in newspapers daily. The western part of the city is where Rangers play their football: a team of British-minded Protestants. Celtic are in the East End, a club founded by Irish immigrants. Tensions come to a climax on derby days, but all the other games pass by without major incidents happening. Football in Glasgow is a family affair first and foremost. And that family is open to whoever wants to join in!


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Old Firm: Rangers v Celtic (January 2, 2021*)

Experience the Old Firm between Rangers v Celtic off the beaten path together with a small group of like-minded fans and a local host.