It’s time to get back to what we’ve missed

If you are anything like us, after the last 18 months, you are craving new experiences, escapism and connection to people.  So our football trips, which unite fans from all over the world to share in some of the world’s most thrilling spectacles of sport, may be just the ticket. 

And we can’t wait to get back to what we love most, helping you tick events off your sports travel bucket list – but, at the time of writing there are still many uncertainties over travel, stadium capacities, vaccine passports and testing. 

Here’s what Homefans know so far and/or the assumptions we are making… 

We believe that Eastern European stadiums will open at full capacity for the 2021/22 season – so why not make this the year you finally attend the unforgettable Eternal Derby? Western European stadiums will be open but possibly with reduced capacity depending on the country while LATAM stadiums will reopen in their summer (Mexico is already open) and our best-selling Ultimate Argentina is open for sale from September 2021 onwards. 

Vaccine passports and testing are highly likely to play a part in the reopening of international travel and stadiums, however requirements will differ from country to country and based on your home country and your age.  With this in mind, Homefans require all customers to check their individual COVID-19 requirements. 

And here’s what Homefans are doing to make travel planning worry-free

Homefans flexible policies take the worry away from booking. The deposit you pay is 100% transferrable.  If the match(es) you book for are played without fans you will be able to transfer your deposit to another match, later in the season or even next season.  Equally, if for whatever reason you decide not to travel you can transfer your deposit with the same freedom, you just need to let us know 45 days in advance. 

So all you need to worry about is which trip to choose!  Will it be Glasgow’s lively Old Firm?  The dual-continent Istanbul Derby or is this the year you make the epic journey to Brazil.