The Sevilla derby is standard on our program every year and that is not without reason. It is one of our favorite derbies. In this blog you can read more about the Sevilla derby and we look back on the most recent Sevilla derby of last month.

Seville may well be Europe’s hottest city. Andalusia’s capital has temperatures well into double figures, even in mid-winter. In summer, people have to flee the city more and more often. This kind of heatwave comes along twice a year anyway, during El Gran Derbi!

The Derby

All the footage in this blog is from the last Seville derby in November 2019 and made by our traveler Jordan.

Forget El Clásico. Of course, to go see FC Barcelona and Real Madrid battle it out is to see a match of higher quality, and naturally you need to go see Lionel Messi before he kicks the bucket in a few years. But purely for the match experience, that is not the place to be, at a football match resembling Disneyland. Bart Simpson suits in Real kits and tourists flashing camera if Real score in Camp Nou.

You’ll see none of that in Seville. As with many rivals from the same city, there is also a difference between working classes between these two clubs. The supporters of Betis are seen as the workers and the Sevilla fans as the elite of the city. The inhabitants of Seville are divided into two categories: The Sevillistas (Seville) and the Béticos (Real Betis).

The Sevilla derby is the biggest inner-city derby in Spain, maybe even the biggest game. Real v Atletico is good fun, but the game isn’t that big a deal for the Real faithful. The Clasico? All good and well, but both clubs are hours apart. Losing supporters won’t have to worry about being bullied by the entire city. They do here. The Béticos, historically spoken the more working-class fanbase, will put about as much fire as they can. Particularly now Sevilla escaped from their shadows and gained European stardom, this derby is one on a knife edge. This is one you really need to take in!

Do you want to experience the Sevilla derby? Then travel with us to the next edition! You can find more information about this trip here.