10 Reasons why you should experience a football trip abroad with Homefans

by @GroundHopperBarcelona

There are many reasons to travel with Homefans and get an unforgettable experience. I have been traveling around the world, visited many stadiums and attended some of the best football atmospheres in the world. In this blog, I`ll give you some reasons and the best excuses to go abroad for your ultimate football trip.  

1. It is not just a football match, it is beyond 90 minutes. It is an awesome football weekend abroad with your mates and like-minded people, with the same interests and passion for football.

2. What about local gastronomy? It is one of the biggest pleasures in the world to try local food and traditional plates. Besides, the experience of visiting some popular restaurants or bars is part of those great moments of the trip.

3. The activities you can do are different in every destination, so every package is unique! It just isn’t the same to visit Belgrade and its fortress rather than to try the best whiskey experience in Glasgow!

4. Stadium tours are one of the top activities on a trip. Here you get in touch with the club you are going to visit. Discovering the history behind the badge, stadium, and fans by looking and listening to stories from our local hosts. There is no better way to fell in love with one club, 100% guaranteed.

5. Remarking the importance of Homefans local hosts. They are just like you, people who love football and the experiences around the game. Because they have attended many games, they know the local football culture, stadiums, and cities, they will give you the best experience to enjoy your weekend. Skip the touristic routes, and experience a match off the beaten path with a local friend.

6. Memories are one of the main reasons we travel. The people you will meet, the experiences you will have and the places that you will visit are the perfect combination to create a unique football trip.

7. Do you like photography? And football? This is the perfect opportunity to capture the best scenes and the essence of the game. Be part of incredible atmospheres in football at some of the biggest derbies or football clubs.

8. Are you a football shirt and a scarf collector? Travel with Homefans and get yourself a jersey as the best souvenir from your trip. Collect merchandise of cult clubs all around the world!

9. The accommodation has been approved and quality guaranteed to make your trip more comfortable. Because, as you can guess, after the big amount of activities and experiences you deserve a good rest, don`t you?

10. The sense of community being part of this adventure. Homefans create these football experiences trips and you will discover another way to travel, as many of our travelers had experienced during the last seasons. Because we don’t accumulate years, we talk about seasons! Are you interested in one of our trips? Check out our Derby Days collection here.