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I am 29 years old and passionate for Corinthians. I live in Sao Paulo since I was born and i learned with my father how to love my club, this is the main reason about my fanatism.
Nowadays i usually watch a corinthians match with my friends, we have a match schedule considering transfer, barbecue pre match (experience) and live game. My favorite place in stadium is near to Corinthians official Gaviões da Fiel supporters.
Talking about my work, i'm sports marketing manager in a sports business company, in many years working in this market i already organized, produced and service for hospitality in different sports events:
- Regional Clubs Matches
- Stadium Tour
- World Cup Brazil 2014
- Rio Open Tennis
- Volleyball National League
and others....
In matter of fact i'm very happy and cofiant that i can help other supporters, from other countries, to enjoy a Corinthians Match offering the best possible experience as a host.

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