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Hello, my name is Ignacio a Mexico City’s resident and a passionate supporter of Pumas UNAM also unofficial historian and digital content creator in social networks for this profesional football team.<br /> My whole life been practicing the sport and attending thousands of matches of the Mexican league and Soccer matches of the Mexican team in World Cups 1986, 1994, 2014. <br /> I am a great connoisseur of the history of the sport and the city.<br /> I’ve had excellent experiences in all the most important soccer stadiums in Mexico and Around the world.<br /> Since last year a became an accredited Airbnb host of soccer experiences in Mexico City.<br /> I had taken many guests to experience how Mexicans fans live their game passion for the game <br /> making their visit to the stadiums more enjoyable and safe for them.

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The Olympic Stadium + UNAM Campus Walking Tour, Mexico City

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