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Hi, my name is Guido_K

Localhost since May 11, 2022


Hello there! My name is Guido, I am a journalist, and a fan of Argentinos Juniors.
After the death of our idol, I visited all the places, from the neighborhood where he was born, the clubs where he played in Argentina, and his last days. For this reason I want to share my experience with the ¨maradoneanos¨ fans!

haedo ,South America

I speak: english/spanish

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6 Reviews


The tour was good but felt rushed at times. I would recommend asking to do the afternoon tour. Then in the morning go to boca and look around the area yourself and visit the stores and museum as on the tour you only have 1 hour to do all this and I ended up going back the day after to look at it all again. The argentinos stadium tour and maradonnas house being the highlight of this tour. Guido was a good host
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Lindsay Williams

This review is coming from a caring long-term-girlfriend, who came to Argentina as a willing sport. I will be completely up front that while I am not as into the sport as my boyfriend, I wanted him to get everything he wanted here. He was looking forward to this tour. This tour was not about me, I was along for the ride but I like to learn, and as I said, I am a good participant. I was a bit surprised about my experience on this. If you are a seasoned traveler, you can save your money and get to all these sites on your own with little to no issues. Our guide said he was a journalist, which may be true. I wouldn't know because he didn't speak much. Journalists are typically very knowledgable about the history of areas, teams, people and I know my boyfriend was hoping to learn more. What we did: We walked a little around Boca. This was great, but we had done this a little on our own given that we had done the big match already and were staying in nearby San Telmo. We went to the stadium tour of La Bombanera. This was good but we mostly walked around on our own. Nothing is in English. Thankfully I know enough Spanish that I can get around and could translate for my boyfriend but if you don't you are kind of on your own. I am not really sure where the guide was. We took his car (we were a small group) and went to Argentinos Juniors stadium. This was a delightfully good stadium tour, but it was mostly us with the Argentinos Juniors tour guide that we could have gotten to on our own. They presented it in English and it was very thorough. We walked around and looked at the murals but I wished I would have known more about what I was looking at. I know they were Diego Maradona, but that was kind of it. We were given a sandwich and pepsi from the back of his car before going to Diego Maradonas family house. We got inside and our guide left before we walked around the house on our own. There was nothing helping to describe much of what we were looking at. We had to figure out how to get back. My opinion, and purely my opinion: if you are a seasoned traveler, you can skip this and get to the locations through uber or public transportation just fine. They are all on the maps. You can likely learn just the same from Wikipedia. The Argentinos Juniors stadium tour was delightful and I highly recommend it. The tour of La Bombonera was alright, you get to see a lot of the history but nothing is in English so be prepared (GoogleTranslate, a friend, etc.) Both Stadium tours are easily available on your own. If you think you are getting something extra, my opinion is - Meh. I didn't think so. Our guide might have been knowledgeable but he didn't show it. He got us between the locations, and yes he did provide lunch but I would have rather have picked up an empanada on the street.
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Jeroen Boere

Hi Guido A little bit later but we want to thank you for the great Maradona tour and stadium Argentinos Juniors For us Maradona was a legend, to see the house, paintings, stories and the memory home was incredibale experience with you as a host ,thanks!hope you put our flag in the memory room,all the best ,greetz Jeroen, Patrick and Ad from Hollanda

Fabio Martinez III

It is impossible to talk about football in Argentina without talking about the greatest player of all time Diego Armando Maradona. Guido was on time to pick me up from the place from where I was staying in Buenos Aires. Guido has a great deal of knowledge of not only Maradona and football, but also of Buenos Aires as a city. He was super professional and I enjoyed talking football with him while traveling to the different places included in this tour. My favorite place on this tour was the Maradona House, Guido has an excellent relationship with the people who work there. Like they say in Argentina this tour "Esta de Diez" and he might even convince you to support Argentinos Juniors by the end of the tour.
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Enjoyed riding around BA with Guido on his motorcycle. I'm a solo traveler from USA and have watched several television shows and documentaries on Maradona so knew a little bit of the history prior. Enjoyed learning about the neighborhoods also. A nice surprise was the house/museum in La Paternal as I had just watched the Amazon series where that was actually filmed. Guido was excellent with communication, picked me up at my hotel in San Telmo and tailored the tour to specifics for me personally.
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