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Hi, my name is Gad_S

Localhost since Aug 07, 2022


Born and raised in Jerusalem to British parents. currently 28 years old, with a BA in Business and geography from the Hebrew University and the National University of Singapore.

being the 5th child in my family, I was raised with football as an essential part of my life.
From a young age, I loved going to stadiums (nothing beats the first time you walk up the stairs in a new stadium and see the grass laid out in front of you), seeing the differences in fan cultures, and understanding the rivalries and the stories behind them. I have been lucky enough to attend football matches around the globe and love sharing football experiences with other people.

One of the (many) things I love about football is that I believe that football is the most international language on the planet. I can find myself traveling for work or being on vacation on the other side of the world, where the local people don't speak English, but then you name a local football player and all communication barriers collapse. I believe no other sport (or music) can bring people together and contain as many emotions as football does.

In Jerusalem, my family and I support Beitar Jerusalem. Whenever I have family or friends visiting from abroad, I enjoy taking them to Teddy stadium and showing them the unique atmosphere that Beitar Jerusalem fans create.
When I came across HomeFans I was delighted that I could get the opportunity to meet new people and share football experiences with them.

Hoping to see you soon in Jerusalem,


Jerusalem ,Asia

I speak: English, Hebrew

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