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Hi, my name is Bruno_P

Localhost since Jun 01, 2022


Hello World, my name is Bruno, and I was born in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. I've been a huge football fan since my childhood. I was raised 10 minutes away from the legendary Maracanã Stadium, where the 4 big clubs of the city used to play in the past. On the weekends, I would go to a match on Saturday and another one on Sunday. If I had a free time and there was a match, I would be there at the popular stands watching the Brazilian stars performing on that beautiful green stage. Because of that passion, I became a sports journalist and have been following the clubs of Rio professionally since then. I believe football is more than just a game, it's the only sport that gives you this special feeling of belonging, not only to a supporter's group but to a community with it's own "rules", culture and traditions.

Rio de Janeiro ,South America

I speak: English, Spanish, Portuguese

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6 Reviews


Juste incroyable ! Une organisation au top avec un Gustavo qui te montre la culture de Vasco 👌 Un club avec une ferveur comme rarement vus, merci pour tout et merci à Bruno et Gustavo pour l'organisation 🙏 Vive Vasco 💪


It’s a week now since Bruno took me to a Vasco da Gama home game against Fortaleza in Rio de Janeiro. I’m still re-living the experience a week later. I’ve been going to football matches for over 40 years now, and this match, my first in Brazil, reminded me of the atmospheres common at British games in my youth. Boisterous, noisy, passionate, unruly, organic, and authentic. Vasco won which was the icing on the cake. Bruno himself, was knowledgeable about not just Brazilian football, but the history of the country itself and how football plays into the cultural narrative of the country. He met me in another part of the city and we traveled together to the game. We took in the pre-match atmosphere outside the ground and made sure we got an excellent vantage point by entering the ground in plenty of time. The chaos outside the ground after the game was negotiated and Bruno made sure I was taken care of. I would recommend this experience wholeheartedly to anyone who can handle being in crowds and not being intimidated by football supporters who won’t sit down like they’re maybe supposed to.
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Even Hendseth

I've heard a lot about the passion of the Vasco da Gama fans before I went to Rio de Janeiro, but what I met at the stadium was high over my expectations. I would really recommend to attend a Vasco game when you're in Rio de Janiero, and I recommend Bruno as your host. He has such great knowledge about football in Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil, and he made us feel safe throughout the whole experience. He took us to the pre-game party, which was such an unique experience. He also met us at our hotel, and he was together with us all the way back after the game. Thank you Bruno for the experience!
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Håkon Magne Holmen

Our host Bruno picked us up at and delivered us to the doorstep of the hotel. He's a cool guy with a true passion for Brazilian football that shines through him. Our spots was 30 meters to the left of the ultras, which was a fantastic spot. We watched the game Vasco da Gama v Goiàs. Both teams were in the relegation zone. The atmosphere under the match was great (and vastly different from what we saw in Argentina). (Un)fortunately Vasco lost the game 0-1, leading to some intense scenes after the match, which was cool to experience as a neutral. I would also add that the pre-match build up was probably the best off all the 10 or so matches we were at while in South America. We drank a couple of beers and ate some street food while enjoying the party that happened around us. I would highly recommend seeing a Vasco game if you're in Rio, and i would definitely chose Bruno as an host.
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Travis Rutherford

Bruno was a great host for the Vasco vs. Palmeiras match at the Maracana. He is super knowledegable about Brazilian football and helped me in navigating the post-match craziness so that I could rush into an uber to the airport. Definitely recommended!