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Hello :)
my name is Alessio, Alex for friends, I’m 32 years old and I speak Spanish, English, Italian and “Rome local dialect” that will be part of our experience 😀

I was born in the Eternal City and I am “Romano and Romanista”! 💛❤️ a typical expression of our culture to describe the citizens of Rome that are also AS Roma supporters.

I will describe you why being a "Romanista" is not only a passion for the local team of the city: it's totally a “Mental State”. A cult that embraces a legendary story in a thrilling and wounderfull setting.

I'm going to offer you a "Caput Mundi experience" that will enter into your blood and soul, and will color in yellow-red your mind until you will feel part of an Eternal History.

I'm waiting for you,
world's Gladiator


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