Alvaro Gonzalez is a football tour leader on the Homefans platform in Buenos Aires. He also manages our community of hosts in Argentina & Uruguay.

Here, Alvaro talks about life as a Homefans host. And tells us why it can be the perfect fit for any sports fan looking to earn extra money doing what they love.

How did you first hear about Homefans?

I heard about Homefans while I was doing my degree in Sports Management. Their vision for building a community of fans around the world really excited me.

When I realised how passionate they were about connecting sports fans with local hosts, I signed up and started offering tours in Buenos Aires.

Why do you love being a football tour leader in Buenos Aires?

I’m a part-time Boca fan. So it’s great that as a Homefans host, I get a free ticket to the game as well as getting paid!

Obviously the biggest match is Boca-River Plate in the Superclasico. And I also love going to the Independiente-Racing derby in Avellaneda. Mostly because I can enjoy it as a neutral.

Being a Homefans host opens up a lot of doors.

You get to go behind the scenes at local clubs, and you get a level of access that other people don’t.

What’s more, you get all of these benefits while getting paid. So it’s the dream side hustle for any sports fan!

How many tours do you lead each month?

The great thing about Homefans is that it’s completely flexible. So you can offer as many tours on the platform as your schedule allows.

Last season I was taking 4 or 5 tours per month. 2 to 3 per month at Boca and the rest at other clubs in Buenos Aires.

As well as matchday experiences, you can also offer other sports activities and tours in your city.

So if you’d like to lead more tours, you can also add something like a stadium tour or a football history tour to your profile.

What makes Homefans great?

Details make all the difference, and Homefans take care of all those details.

As a local host, you get a lot of support to be a success. From making your trips to getting more bookings.

As a local host, you get a lot of support

You also feel like you’re part of a great movement. Because Homefans hosts don’t just treat their guests as a customer. We bring them into our community of sports fans.

Earn money as a Homefans host

We’re looking to expand our network of local hosts around the world.

Click below to learn more and get paid for doing what you love.

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