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Virtual Tour – Corinthians Stadium and Storytelling

Virtual Tour Sao Paulo

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Dive into the amazing story of one of Brazil’s most illustrious clubs from the comfort of your living room. Homefans is proud to offer the first English-language virtual tour of Neo Química Arena, Corinthians Stadium. But this is not just a stadium tour – this is storytelling; the legends, triumphs, heroes, ultras and derbies.  You will hear about them all, and more!

We are still working on a date for this eagerly-awaited virtual tour – please use the booking module to express your interest and we will be in touch when we open the tour for sale. 

With more than 40 million global supporters, Corinthians fans are some of the loyalist and fiercest on the planet. Hear tales from the famous “invasions”. Occasions where the fans proved their loyalty by travelling to Rio and even Tokyo in unbelievable numbers to support their beloved team. There are more than 100,000 Corinthians’ Ultras (Gaviões da Fiel) – they even enter a float into Carnival!

Learn about the rivalry with Palmeiras which produces one of the most intense Derbies on the planet – so intense that only home fans are allowed because of previous fights and deaths. Pyros, flags and more combine to make the biggest party you have ever been to in your life. We’ll talk about some of the most memorable derbies – especially those where Corinthians were the victors!

Corinthians, as you would expect has many notable heroes. Sócrates, Carlos Tevez and Ronaldo have all worn the iconic black and white jersey. We will discuss the mark they left on the club (and vice versa)!

While these stories are being told, you will be walking through Corinthians Stadium like a local fan, known as Casa de Povo (the People’s House)! Highlights will be seeing the press room (known as the Invasion Room as there are paintings of the famous invasions), an interactive Q&A session in the media room, dressing room, warm-up room and the hallowed pitch.

By the end of our virtual tour, you will understand why football is religion for Corinthians fans.

Experience organized by Neo Quimica Arena Corinthians Stadium

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  • Exclusive to Homefans - available for the first time in English
  • Go behind the scenes at Neo Química Arena
  • Hear a range of stories - told by a passionate Corinthians fan
  • Ask anything you ever wanted to know during an interactive Q&A

What you get

  • Guided tour of Neo Química Arena (Corinthians Arena) and storytelling
  • Interactive Q&A session