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Like a local in Sarajevo: Asim Ferhatović Hase stadium match experience

Match Days Sarajevo

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Sarajevo is a city where a large part of world history lives, but also home to a specific rivalry, the one between FK Sarajevo and FK Željezničar. 

The city of Sarajevo hosted The Winter Olympic Games 1984. FK Sarajevo is playing at the Koševo Olympic Stadium. Today, this stadium is named after the legendary Asim Ferhatović, according to many the best player in Bosnia and Herzegovina of all time. Hase was a real Sarajevo man, born in the old town district of Vratnik. He became legendary especially after returning from Fenerbahce after only 7 games played.  Hase said then “I can’t, brother, play for money and listen to how I should play. Thank them, they were fair and didn’t cause me any problems. I told them that I could only play in Sarajevo.” Today, the stadium of Asim Ferhatović is facing a long-desired reconstruction.

Eat a Bosnian pie in the restaurant of the European basketball champion – KK Bosna, walk through the center of Sarajevo, visit the premises and the stadium. After the match, we will treat you to a beer in a facility reminiscent of the Olympic Games, and with beer you will also receive a FK Sarajevo T-shirt or scarf.

Cherry on top – FK Sarajevo home game. The home fans are always in the mood and create a good atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity and experience an unforgettable football experience in Sarajevo! Looking forward to sharing the magic of this place with you.

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  • Learn about FK Sarajevo from a local fan and enjoy the Storytelling
  • Authentic warm up with FK Sarajevo fans
  • Bosnian pie and beer
  • Electric atmosphere
  • Gift - FK Sarajevo souvenir

What you get

  • Match ticket
  • Stadium tour
  • City tour
  • Graffiti city tour
  • FK Sarajevo souvenir
  • Bosnian pie in traditional restaurant
  • Beer in pub reminiscent of the Olympic Games
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    Member Since 2020

    77 Reviews