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Copa Libertadores Final Experience at the iconic Maracanã Stadium – 04/11

Rio de Janeiro

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Max 15 people


English, Portuguese

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There’s a 100% ticket guarantee for this activity.

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Welcome to the experience of a lifetime! Join us on November 4, 2023 to experience the emotion and passion of the Copa Libertadores final, South America’s most prestigious competition, at the legendary Maracanã Stadium! This is a one of a kind tour, carefully planned and managed by local experts with a passion for football. You will be in good hands from the beginning to the end of this exciting journey!


What will we do in this experience?

In the days leading up to the event, the local host, a true expert on Rio de Janeiro’s secrets, will contact all group members to provide crucial details. You will receive accurate information about the meeting point location and times, ensuring your journey starts worry-free.

The Journey Towards the iconic Maracanã Stadium:
From the meeting point, everyone will embark on an exciting journey towards the iconic Maracanã Stadium, the mythical stage where the big match will unfold. Our experience includes an accredited transfer that will take you there, ensuring comfort and safety. At the stadium, you will be welcomed by our local host, passionate about the history of Rio football, who will guide you through the streets of the Maracanã neighborhood. Together, you will visit a traditional bar, a true temple of Rio football, where you can share stories and legends about the stadium. While enjoying delicious local food and drinks, you will immerse yourself even more in Rio de Janeiro’s football culture.

The Encounter with Eternal Glory:
When the time comes to enter Maracanã, you will find yourself in front of the most prestigious stadium in Brazil and, perhaps, the entire world. You are about to witness the final of the most important competition on the continent, a moment that transcends sport and becomes part of history! The excitement will be palpable in the air, and you will be surrounded by the energy of passionate fans and the roar of the stands. It’s the moment when your passion for football becomes reality, and the quest for ETERNAL GLORY materializes before your eyes!

After the epic game, your accredited transfer will be waiting to take you back to the meeting point where the journey began. While returning, you will have the opportunity to remember the unforgettable moments you had at Maracanã, sharing stories and experiences with your fellow travelers. The return will be more than a simple trip back; it will be an opportunity to celebrate, relive and be grateful for being part of this historic moment.

The experience has a specialized guide from Rio de Janeiro who will provide you with personalized assistance throughout the experience, in addition to accredited transport that will take you from the meeting point directly to the legendary Maracanã Stadium. After the game, you will be taken back to the meeting point safely and comfortably. Before the big game, enjoy a unique experience in a traditional bar in the Maracanã neighborhood. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in Rio de Janeiro’s football culture, listening to passionate tales about the stadium and the legendary clubs of Rio de Janeiro.


The experience includes 01 (one) ticket for the Copa Libertadores final in Category 2, check the details below:

Ticket to Category 2 (Long Side Upper East)
Accredited Transfers – Meeting point x Stadium x meeting point
A local pre-match experience
Personalized accompaniment throughout the experience
Experienced Local Host

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this historic moment at Maracanã. Book now and be ready to experience the passion, rivalry and emotion of the Copa Libertadores final like never before!

Upgrade your booking now!

You can upgrade your category in the extras tab when making your booking. Ticket upgrades are available for:

Ticket to Category 1 (Long Side Lower East or West)
Accredited Transfers – Meeting point x Stadium x meeting point
A local pre-match experience
Personalized accompaniment throughout the experience
Experienced Local Host

Ticket to Category 1 – Central Location; (Category 1 + Open Bar & Open Food)
Access to the Hospitality Area 3 hours before the kick off and up to 60 minutes after the end of the game
Accredited Transfers – Meeting point x Stadium x meeting point
Hospitality area measuring approx. 7,250 m², with two tents and an internal courtyard, all with the atmosphere typical of a Copa Libertadores Final
Open foods – Brazilian cuisine
Open bar with alcoholic drinks included – beers and cocktails
Shows in the hospitality area
Preferential drop off for ubers and taxis
VIP restrooms
Lounges with special networking

Libertadores Club Hospitality is a differentiated and comfortable VIP area, always located next to the Stadium, where it provides gastronomic and entertainment experiences to customers!

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Experience organized by Homefans

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  • Attend the final of the biggest South American competition at the iconic Maracanã Stadium
  • Witness the two best teams on the continent vying for the most coveted title in South America
  • Experience the fervent passion of South American fans
  • Connect with like-minded local supporters

What you get

  • Ticket for the Copa Libertadores Final (Category 2 - long side upper sector)
  • Accredited Transfer - Meeting point x Stadium x meeting point
  • A local pre-match experience
  • Personalized accompaniment throughout the experience
  • Experienced Trip Manager and Local Host
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips
  • Accommodation
  • Flights
  • Food & Drinks


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