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Unique Travel Experiences make Great Stories

We put a lot of effort into organizing unforgettable football experiences. Unique travel experiences make great stories. Here’s what our travelers and community say about us:

On average travelers rated us 4.9 out of 5

This weekend, I was lucky enough to travel to the Rome Derby first-hand with Homefans, the experts in these sort of trips to the world’s biggest derbies. Homefans’ tagline was ”it’s not a match. It’s an experience” and, to be fair to them, they delivered.

– Sam Diss of Mundial Mag

”Thankyou for the amazing trip in Glasgow Homefans, best ever!”

Rick – December 2018

”The Old Firm trip was an absolutely amazing experience and the guide, Lee, was fantastic and couldn’t have done more.
Everything from start to finish was impeccable – Everything was planned to precision and all of you were happy to help. I couldn’t recommend Homefans more!
Thank you for all your help! We will be looking to book something with you again in the future!”

Paula – December 2018

”Fantastic trip!! Credit to those involved who organised it, those that traveled from abroad to come see the mighty Rangers play, Lee was fantastic and well organised good fun and kept the group together!”

Scott – December 2018

”I traveled with Homefans to Belgrade, Stockholm and Buenos Aires and these were the most amazing football experiences I’ve ever had!”

Ronald Klein-Mentink – 2018

”After months in the making, the trip delivered everything and more than what I expected, it was the complete weekend.The organization from start to finish really was first class. Shout out to Nick and the Dutch lads who were a great laugh and the boys from Glasgow also, having a good group really does make traveling to watch football better”

Miles Fletcher – May 2018

”Fantastic trip in Brazil, couldn’t recommend it more. Pedro, our guide, was great in giving us the real brazilian football experience, and the entire trip was designed to give us real insight into brazilian football culture, its fans, clubs and cultural meaning. I’ll be travelling again with HomeFans to Argentina in 2019. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.”

Hugo Bastos – October 2018

”Past weekend my first time with Homefans to the Hamburg Derby and it was an unforgettable experience! Everything was perfectly arranged and the group was fun!”

Danny Kroon – September 2018

”I had a fantastic time in Hamburg for the Hamburg Derby between HSV v ST Pauli”

Ryan Ackroyd – September 2018

”I absolutely loved the trip to Belgrade, thanks Homefans. We had a great time!”

– Simon Matthews – December 2017

”My second trip with Homefans was to Stockholm. I didn’t know that football was so big in Sweden, until I was asked to join the trip to see Hammarby. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium. After the match we went to a bar with Homefans and Barra Brava Hammarby and had some beers with the group. They were very friendly which was great to see. Homefans thanks for everything! It was an amazing weekend. Everything was well organized as usual with you, see you soon again!”

Robbert Boshoven – September 2018

“I’ve visited many stadiums, games and cities over the past months. However, going with Homefans to Argentina to see the Superclásico was different – I knew this was the biggest match in the world in terms of atmosphere and rivalry.
Homefans provided us with a full match day experience with an authentic insight of eating and drinking with the locals. It’s fun to share this beautiful moment with newly made friends.”

– Aviv / Host of 433 – September 2018

”Traveled with Homefans to Dortmund and everything was perfect. Thanks for the experience!”

Pedro Rothman – February 2017

“I’ve just finished a trip to Buenos Aires to see the Superclásico and other games with Homefans and it was the best holiday I’ve ever been on. Thanks to Homefans I now have new friends from Argentina, Brazil, Holland, Germany, and England. I must say a special thank you to our guide who made the trip truly amazing”

Lee – September 2018

”I went to Dortmund with Homefans and they organized a Road Trip for us. We went to see Borussia Dortmund v Hertha BSC in the DFB Pokal together with 8 other fans from the Netherlands. I’d like to thank Homefans for the amazing service they put into these trips.

This is the second time I traveled with Homefans and they do make dreams come true. This won’t be the last time as I plan to travel a lot more with them.”

Lars Bouman – February 2017

”Travelled with Homefans to the Old Firm and Belgrade: Unforgettable experiences, it was amazing! Thanks for all the effort you put into these weekends!”

Joep Gertzen – Maart 2017

“Homefans is not a trip; it’s an experience. I thought joining Homefans would be a good way to experience football in a new way. It was a fantastic trip! Thank you Homefans. I’ll be back.”

Stefan Beukman – September 2018

“I’ve had a great trip to Belgrade, Rome and Old Firm with Homefans, I can definitely everyone who wants to experience the best football derbies in the world, to travel with Homefans!”

Stefan Antink – December 2017

”I had a great day out with the group to Borussia Dortmund for the match against Hertha BSC. Well-organized, friendly people and a great group!”

Jasper Wubs – February 2017

”I’d like to thank Homefans for an amazing experience in Belgrade. Everything was perfectly arranged by Homefans and I had a great time with the group in Serbia!”

Stefan Brughuis – December 2017