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Homefans Experience Leader

Starting Season 2019/2020
Application Deadline: June 30th

Do you love watching football around the globe? Do you have a passion for travel? Do you want to meet other like-minded people from around the world through shared experiences?

If you love building a global community, connecting people to their passions, and guiding remarkable experiences through Homefans, then read on. Homefans is hiring a new round of Experience Leaders from around the world to lead our trips/experiences for 2019/2020.


Homefans is a global experience brand focused on organizing small group trips around the world for fans to experience football off the beaten path.

We create football experiences, adventures and trips for fans who seek to experience football beyond the 90 minutes and to connect with people who share the same passion for football. Fans travel the world with Homefans to explore football destinations, tick off their bucket lists and create memorable weekends.


Homefans Experience Leaders are football enthusiasts, planners, hosts, guides, and companions for curated groups of 4-16 from around the world in their own city.

The primary role of an Experience Leader is to run the show, by providing support and facilitation for groups and travelers during these football trips and experiences. You will wear many hats, from the problem-solving and customer service required of hospitality to the facilitation required. At times this role takes the endurance of an Olympian, and that excites you.

For this round of Experience Leaders, Homefans is especially seeking candidates who bring multi-year experience of traveling, love hosting like-minded travelers and preferably also traveled with Homefans before.


A FOOTBALL FANATIC. You have multi-year experience in traveling to watch. You are comfortable leading a group of fans and travelers on our trips and love to travel the world when possible.

ENDLESS ENERGY. You get energy from people and you endlessly want to be around people. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a drink, going out after dinner, or staying in for the night, you want to be where the groups are. You know what it takes to create the kinds of experiences that Homefans are known for. It takes your endless amounts of energy.

A MULTICULTURAL TRAVELER-ORIENTED PERSON. You know what it takes to watch football and travel. You constantly have to earn the respect of the fans. It’s a nonstop job, and you have the experience in travel or hospitality that’ll help you succeed from day one. You’re obsessively travel oriented; always working to manage and exceed their expectations.


Experience Leader responsibilities includes:

  • Implementing the core Homefans experience, by planning and facilitating trips with the team and clubs, guiding activities, local stadium tours, pub nights and more in his/her city.
  • Coordinating and planning with our team to ensure a seamless experience for travelers in destinations around the world.
  • Leading by example and living by the value set that is the bedrock of our community’s culture.
  • Communicating actively, openly, and honestly with travelers, staff, and partners. You have the foresight to predict when conflicts, group dynamics, or problems arise and solve them in real time, before they escalate.

Pre-Trip Responsibilities:

In the months weeks leading up to a program, you will be responsible for:

  • Providing pre-departure support to participants via a variety of our communication tools (WhatsApp / Facebook Groups)
  • Coordinating with the team in your destination and the local host at Homefans to plan, organize, and execute on necessary planning tasks

Experience Responsibilities:

During the trip, you will be responsible for:

  • Planning and running our core trips and activities
  • Working closely with the Homefans’ team to plan, organize, and problem solve for upcoming events and ongoing operations
  • Positively and actively participate in the weekends
  • Managing and tracking experience expenses and handling administrative tasks for recording the details of the trips

This is a flexible role, you can discuss your availability with the team. From hosting 1 or 2 trips a season till 4 – 8 trips a year, you can decide. You will have free time during the trips and will have many of the benefits of the travelers – spending time to experience football cultures, experiencing new places and enjoying matches.


  • 2+ year’s experience in traveling to watch football
    • Experience in the travel industry or joined one of the Homefans trips.


  • Exceptional trip planning, running the front stage of an trip, and organizational skills
  • Experience guiding groups
  • Comfortable and experienced traveling with diverse people
  • Fluent in English or Dutch, if only Dutch you can apply for Dutch trips only.
  • Ability to travel for 2-4 weekends out of the season 


We are looking for locals who live in the following cities and want to join the global team of football enthusiasts of Homefans:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Rome
  • Berlin
  • Split
  • Thessaloniki
  • Athens
  • Casablanca

Don’t see your city? You can always apply and we’ll consider it internally.


This is a dream for a lot of fans, and, if you are willing to dig in and put in the work, it can be an amazing journey for both you and our travelers. Direct benefits include:

  • Flights to and ground transportation in destination (as needed)
  • Match Ticket(s) for the matches
  • Commission per trip
  • Accommodation throughout the weekend
  • All of the same activities provided to participants (stadium tours, dinners etc.)
  • Joining an incredibly passionate and fast-growing team of football lovers on a mission to create the best possible football trips.


Please email [email protected] no later than June 30th with your CV and a cover letter in English answering the following questions:

(1) Tell us the details of where you have been last season around the world that’s most relevant to this position. We’re not interested in people who want to travel for free only on the cost of Homefans. You’ll join a team of international football fans

(2) Take a moment and imagine yourself in this role. Tell us how you see yourself being successful on the ground with our travelers. How are you uniquely positioned to succeed in this role?

(3) What is your local team? Why do you want to host international travelers in your city/country?


(1) Do not apply if you are looking for a way to support travel and travel for free. This is hard work that requires specific experience in travel and facilitation.

(2) Do not overlook the hours and work required of you with travelers or periods away from friends and family.

We will speak the most competitive applicants and regret that we cannot reply to all who apply. Early applicants will be given priority.