Meet the Ambassador – Natxo Torné


Natxo is a well travelled FC Barcelona fan who has dedicated his personal and professional life to the joys of football traveling. A tour guide himself, he’s joined as Homefans’ Ambassador in Barcelona.

HF: Hi Natxo, welcome to Homefans! Please tell us a bit about yourself! 

NT: Hi and thanks!  My full name is Ignasi Torné Gualdo, but people call me Natxo.  I am 26 years old and as all the good things in life, I was born and brought up in Barcelona. I’m of course mad about football. 

I have studied Marketing and Tourism Management. My final degree project was ‘The impact of football into tourism industry’. Since then, I have been working as a tour guide in Barcelona and, of course, Camp Nou is my top tour. Currently, I am writing about my footy trips on my blog, focusing on the football experience within tourism. I’m also very active on social media, I have been collaborating with Copa90 and other blogs. Lastly, I am member of Newell’s Old Boys and St. Pauli fan clubs in Barcelona.

HF: Congratulations! That’s a long list! Please tell us about your relationship with football, how did it all start? 

NT: I have always been passionate about football, but as soon as I started traveling, being invited to games in other cities,  my interest focused on writing about my experiences and memories. During my degree, I had to create and keep active a blog during one year, so I decided football as the topic. But in a different way, mixing football and travel. This is how you can understand what Athletic Bilbao represents for Basque Country people or Real Betis for its fans.


HF: And the relationship with your club? What comes first, club or national team? 

NT:  I support my local team, FC Barcelona and it always will come first than the national team. From my grandfather to me, we all support Barça. But I love many other teams, maybe just because Barça cannot fill the gaps of my football interests. I love Juventus, Osasuna, Levante, St. Pauli, Celtic, West Ham United and Newell’s Old Boys. This is due to friends I’ve met or trips I’ve done. I talk to fans and they make me feel attached to their clubs, and I understand what the clubs represent to them. This is why I like and follow these teams and buy into the concept of Homefans!

HF: Indeed. That’s what Homefans is all about! What was your best memory of 2015/16? 

NT: Firstly, my first Euro. I went with my friend Pepo to Marseille, Lyon and Saint Etienne. 3 days, 3 games, 3 cities. Secondly, following Osasuna during the promotion playoff to La Liga and celebrate it one week after the San Fermin festivity. Also, to attend three derbies: Betis – Sevilla, Levante – Valencia and Newcastle – Sunderland.


HF: Where are you planning to go in 2016?

NT: As of now, Marseille, Belgrade and Celtic Park.

HF: What has been your favourite football moment of all time?

NT: At the stadium, the 2009 season of Barça, the Rivaldo’s overhead kick against Valencia and the king himself: Ronaldinho. Also, the draw of Osasuna in Sabadell with a screamer in 91st minute to stay in Second Division and avoid the bankruptcy.

HF: When you’re not travelling or watching football, what do you like to do?

NT: Write, read, movies, beer and listen to the radio. I love art, cinema, gastronomy and history. Salvador Dalí, Eduardo Galeano, Clint Eastwood and Alessandro Del Piero.


HF: What members might not know about you that they should or you would like them to know?

NT: I actually met my girlfriend for the first time at El Sadar, Osasuna’s ground.

HF: Where can Homefans members find you? Do you run a football blog?

NT: Yes I run a blog on and you can find me on social media. Of course, if Homefans’ members head to Barcelona, I’d be more than happy to meet up!

HF: Thanks Natxo, and welcome to the family! 


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