Meet the Ambassador: Matthew Battle


Matt is a passionate Manchester United fan who has followed the club since 1967 and has been in every domestic Cup and European Final ever since. He’s also hosted foreign fans who come to Manchester since 1986, and now as an Ambassador he wants to meet fellow Homefans members!

HF: Hi Matt, welcome to Homefans! Please tell us a bit about yourself!

MB: Hi, thanks! First off, I follow and support Manchester United. My first game was in 1967 against the Spurs, my first away game was against Manchester City on Maine Road in 1969. My first trip to Wembley was in 1976 and I have been to every domestic Cup and European Cup final ever since!

I have held a season ticket at Old Trafford since 1974 and have my name printed on a seat!



HF: Wow, that is something! How did it all start with Football?

MB: Mainly due to George Best, in my opinion, the greatest player ever. I spent all my younger days being Georgie Best in the playground.

Manchester United is my team, it comes first, but I also support Ireland.

HF: What was your best memory of the 2015/16 season? 

MB: Beating West Ham away in the quarter final in the FA Cup. I was right behind the goal where Rashford scored that wonder goal to take us into the semi final.



HF: Where are you planning to go in 2016? 

MB: To all United games, away games in Europe and hopefully we get back to Wembley. I’ve just come from there last weekend after winning the Community Shield!

HF: What has been your favourite football memory of all time? 

MB: Probably the final minutes of the 1999 Champions League Final in Barcelona where we beat Bayern München 2-1 with two late goals to secure the Treble. Oh what a night!!!

HF: Indeed! Historic night. Matt, when you’re not traveling or watching football, what do you like to do? 

MB: Walking my two Westie and having a few pints of Guiness in my local irish pub in Manchester.

HF: What should members know about you? 

MB: I have since 1986 invited and looked after United fans from all over Europe and have become life long friends with most of them. I’m looking forward to meeting and looking after Homefans’ members that come to Manchester.


HF: Where can Homefans’ members find you? 

MB: You can get in touch with me here on Homefans or on Facebook. Would love to meet up with members to show around the city and share my anecdotes with the greates club on Earth!

You can find Matt on our Manchester site, and hopefully you can meet him in one of the Homefans’ local events that will be run throughout the season!


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