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With 9 countries on offer and 30+ football trips to suit any type of fan, a trip with Homefans is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Yes, we experience football the real way.


Football T

A few cities in the world are brought to a complete standstill when hosting a football match. However, there is one city that stands above all when it comes to witnessing a footballing carnival: Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is the focal point of global football.

Football Trips

Passion. Politics. Football. The Belgrade Derby, also known as The Eternal Derby embodies these three simple words perfectly diffusing to create a special spectacle unlike any other. Waiting list opens in June 2017.

Football Trips

The Derby della Madonnina is more than a mere fixture; it is a tradition and a major sporting attraction. It is also a rivalry of unique complexity, one that has meant many different things over the years since the foundation of the two clubs that comprise it. Waiting list opens June 2017

Tom didn’t think group travel was for him. Then he tried it.

Say hallo to Tom, a Dutchman in his late twenties who’s done his fair share of football traveling. He’d had his eye on Germany for a while, but wasn’t fan of sorting out all the do-it-yourself hassles this time around. How did we turn an independent spirit into a group traveller? Easy: We let him try it.



Football Trips
Football Trips
Football Trips

Looking for something different?

Are you interested to travel with Homefans and experience football through local eyes? Do you have other clubs on your list and cannot find them here? Are you looking to watch football just with your group of friends? Get in touch below!

Why travel with Homefans?

There are as many travel companies to explore football with as there are places to explore. Homefans travellers are looking for something more than a plane ticket, a hotel room, and a seat on a bus. We make football travel meaningful by thinking small, thinking local, and thinking about what benefits the traveller, the trip, and the experience best.


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