Explore unique football experiences

Our style of travel means you’ll experience football the local way. You’ll get as close to the football cultures as possible. Enjoy unforgettable football experiences, make friends and memories for life. Get the most out of football travelling. Go on a Homefans trip!

Experience football the local way

We’re all traveling to watch football. Doing the same thing, in the same places, as the millions others whose recommendations we’ve read. We don’t experience the local football cultures of the clubs we visit. Meet genuine fans on our trips and make the best out of your football weekends.


The Homefans communities are growing every day and traveling with other fans is attracting more and more fans from all over the world. Our ambassadors make sure that watching football through local eyes is the best way to experience football.

Patrick Burns PIC1

Homefans profile: Patrick Burns

I had a new born son in 1999 so couldn’t go to Barcelona, I was living in Liverpool! Didn’t stop going outside singing and dancing in the streets when Manchester United won the treble!

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Homefans profile: Natxo Torné

My full name is Ignasi Torné Gualdo, but people call me Natxo.  I am 26 years old and as all the good things in life, I was born and brought up in Barcelona. I’m of course mad about football.

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Homefans profile: Nuno Couto

I’m happy to show my club and my city, connect with fellow fans and, why not, visit new places when I can.  That is why I really liked the Homefans’ community.

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Asa and Sam discovered football through local eyes

It’s difficult to feel a connection to any place or club when you’re staying in a different hotel every time, particularly if that hotel is just like every other one anywhere in the world. We wanted to dig in deep enough to truly experience football, not just see it. Homefans let us just do that!

Traveler reviews

Dortmund, February 2016

Bart B. Amsterdam – Netherlands

Manchester, August 2016

Jacob Y. Enschede – Netherlands

London, May 2016

Dwayne P. Dortmund – Germany

Highly recommended! We discover football in the United Kingdom the local way. We met some great fans along the way and we’d like to thank Homefans for all their help. They helped us with every question we had and made sure we had everything we asked for!!


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